The Athletes' Village

1.Duration Open
  August 16 - September 5, 1995

   The Village is located in the western part of Fukuoka city and is
  in the housing complex newly developed about 6 km away from the
  downtown. It is a favorable housing environment with a park and
  a man-made beach in the neighborhood. It is near the ramp to the
  Urban Highways which lead to the Fukuoka Dome where the Opening
  and Closing Ceremonies and baseball games will be held, and to
  other event sites in the eastern part of the city. Access to other
  athletic grounds is good.

3.Language Services
   Interpreters are assigned and stationed in the Village to be of
  service for the Head of Team and teams on a fixed basis.

4.Medical Services
   A clinic is located in the Village to provide primary medical care.

5.Training Services
   Training facilities are provided for maintenance and conditioning
  of physical fitness.

6.Religious Services
   Prayer rooms are provided for athletes and officials.

7.Other Services

  a. Sundry Goods Store :    Daily necessities, commemoration goods, and
                             souvenir are sold.
  b. Dry Cleaning       :    Dry cleaning service is available.
  c. Photo Services     :    DPE services are available.
  d. Bank Services      :    Money exchange service is available.
                             (Currency to be handled is under study)
  e. Postal Services    :    Postage stamps and post cards are sold.
                             Mailing service is provided.
  f. Telephone and Telegraph: Public telephone booths with overseas
                             call service are set up.
  g. Travel Guidance    :    Travel information is available.

  h. In-Village Bicycles:    Bicycles are available for athletes  to use
                             freely within the Village.

8.Outline of the Village
   The Village is fenced in and guarded for athletes and officials to
  live safely and comfortably and to keep in good physical conditions
  For smooth and proper administration of the Village, it is made up
  of 4 zones:
  'Accomodation zone'- safe and comfortable living environment;
  'Administration zone" - various functions of management; "Exchange
  service zone" - various services necessary for living and mixing
  among citizens, athletes and officials; and "arming-up zone"-
  conditioning for athletes.
  Following facilities are installed to meet the purpose of each

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