Twelve days of Sports and Culture

Universiade '95 Fukuoka Schedule

Advance Tickets

  • Admission for Opening and Closing Ceremonies Note:S,A,and B tickets are reserved seating.C tickets are standing only.
  • Commemorative Admission Tickets
  • Admission 65,000yen S seats for both opening and closing ceremonies,and admission to all events.

  • Admission
  • Categories
  • Nomal: Those who are not subject to any discounts.(One child below elementary school age may enter free of charge,provided that the child shares the seat with the accompanying about.) Discount: 1)Students(elementary school,junior high school,high school, university) 2)Those under eighteen. 3)Physically or mentally disabled,war invalids, atomic bomb victimes.(proof required) 4)Those over seventy. Specified date & time tickets: Valid for one game on the day final and semi-final games are held. preliminary tickets: Valid for one game on the day preliminary games are held. Free events:Marathon and walking. for more details on ticktes,please call(092)732-4004.