The world is here. Meet and compete in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Dome
Home of the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks baseball team,this is Japan's first domed sports stadium with are tractable roof.This is the first time in the Universiade And Olympic Games history that the opening and closing ceremonies will be staged in such avenue. Impressive ceremonies making use of the dome's special features are anticipated. Seating:approx.48,000
Events:Opening&Closing Ceremonies,Baseball

Higashi Hirao Park HaktanoMori Track and Field Stadium
This complex consists of three facilities.the main stadium with a spacious 37,000m2 field, the sub-stadium and three throwing fields for training. Seating:30,000

Hakata no Mori Tennis Stadium
Twenty courts:4 out door courts,15 indoor courts and a center court. The total floor space of the center court is 5,900m2, and it has night lighting.It is scheduled for completion in July1 995. Seating:approx.3,000

Athlete's Village
The Athlete's village,facing a man-made beach, is located in Nishi Fukuoka Marina Town,6km west of the city center.Newly constructed high and midrise accommodations, training facilities,cafeterias and cultural facilities. including an entertainment area and an open event space,are planned.

Marine Messe
Marine Messe Fukuoka,located in the Chuo Wharf area of Hakata ward.Will be completed by the summer of 1995.This multi-purpose convention facility with 40'000m2 of floor space-a hall,arena and exhibition hall,will be used for a variety of purposes. Seating:approx.10,000

Higashi Hirao Park Hakata no Mori Football Stadium
With its natural grass pitch,this stadium will be a perfect venue for foot and American football. It will be completed in July 1995,and will have roofed seating and lighting facilities. The total playing area is 22,000m2. Seating:approx.20,000

Official Mascot KAPAPOO
The mascot character for the Fukuoka Games,"Kapapoo," is a motif of a unicorn, a mythical European creature.A horse-like animal with a single horn growing from its forehead,it is said to be invincible and unrivaled for its energy.The unicorn symbolizes courage,dignity,wisdom,nobility,justice and represents the sun and heroes.