Global−Sized expectations.One World through the Student Olympics.

Youths from around the world gather to compete in the Universiade,a world wide sports event for students sponsored by FISU.This biennial event is held the year before and the year after the Olympics, and features both summer and winter games.The goal of the games is to develop university sports and to promote physical education. Generally,any amateur athlete between 17 and 27 inclusive,who is a university student or has graduated from university within the previous year is qualified to participate.

Academic and cultural exchanges

During the Universiade Games,various cultural and academic events are scheduled , such as music festivals,theaters,art exhibitions and international symposiums.Exciting events involving both athletes and Fukuoka citizens will take place throughout the city. The CESU Conference, held in conjunction with the Universiade Games,Will be attended by researchers from around the globe. Under the main theme,Sport and Man :Creating a New Vision,the conference will be held for three days starting on August 24,1995.Twenty lecturers are invited from both within Japan and from abroad for the five symposiums.Various types of presentations, including those solicited from the general public,and a coaching clinic and coaching summit are planned.

Outline of Universiade '95 Fukuoka

More than 6000 athletes and officials from 130 nations and regions are expected to participate. Fukuoka is preparing itself to be the stage for record breaking feats. Period : August 23 ( Wed ) - September 3 ( Mon ),1995;12 days Events : athletics,basketball,fencing,gymnastics,swimming,diving,waterpolo, tennis,volleyball,football,judo and baseball (twelve) Sites : 24 venues(Fukuoka City,21;Munakata City,1;Kasuga City,2)

Gold medalists at the Universiade and Olympics.

Daichi Suzuk(Japan)

Suzuki won medals for 100M and 200m back stroke at the 1985 Kobe Games and the 1987 Zagreb Games.His powerful 100M back stroke enabled him to become a gold medalist at the Seoul Olympics.

Matt Biondi(U.S.A.)

Biondi broke the world record for the 100M free style at the 1985 Kobe Games. He went on to win a gold medal in the 100M free style at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Yung-jo Whang (South Korea)

Whang broke the Universiade record for the men's marathon at the 1991 Sheffield Games. The following year, he won a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.