Water Polo: Reports of qualifying round

Water Polo: 5th day, games of qualifying round

Site: Fukuoka Nishi Civic Pool Complex

GAME No.37: Slovakia(SVK) vs Hungary(HUN)

1st period
HUN has an advantage.
Points: SVK:1 HUN:2
2nd period
HUN No.4 player takes a nice shoot, adds one point to his team. The game is also controled by HUN team.
Points: SVK:1 HUN:3
3rd period
Changing sites, the latter half begins. The game becomes being very close。
SVK No.6 finishes a back hand shoot to get one point.
Just before the end of this period, SVK No.12 player gets his 3rd personal foul and makes his exit.
Point: SVK:2 HUN:2
4th period
HUN No.4 player gets his 2nd point.
SVK No11 player shoots from the front of goal, point! But HUN launches a counterattack, obtained one point by No.3 player.
SVK No.6 player gets his 3rd personal foul and makes his exit.
Point: SVK:3 HUN:5
By total points: SVK:7 HUN:12, HUN has the game in hands.

GAME38: United States of America(USA) vs Netherlands(NED)

1st period
USA No.9 player obtained three points(one penalty goal).
NED gets two points too, a very game.
Both the two team's goal keepers show a very good condition.
Point: USA:3 NED:2
2rd period
During the first half of this period, NED obtains two points and leads the game.
After that, both of the teams get no points.
Point: USA:0 NED:3
3rd period
Both of the teams show a keen offensive and defensive battle, but no points.
Point: USA:0 NED:1
4th period
NED No.3 player makes his exit since fouls, and the game becomes to be advantageous to USA.
USA gets one penalty goal and one point by No.5 player.
But USA No.4 player makes his exit since fouls and NED obtained one point.
Point: USA:2 NED:2
By total points USA:5 NED:8, NED won the game.

GAME39: Italy(ITA) vs Yugoslavia(YUG)

1st period
Early the begining, two teams scramble for points.
Point: ITA:5 YUG:5
2nd period
The struggle seesawed to and fro.
ITA's goal keeper receives a penalty, but YUG can not make the best use of this chance to get points.
Point: ITA:3 YUG:3
3rd period
After ITA obtained one goal, YUG receices two points.
Point: ITA:1 YUG:4
4rd period
ITA obtaines two points.
But YUG gets two points too.
Before one minute of the end, ITA gets one points but it is too late.
Point: ITA:3 YUG:2
by total points ITA:12 YUG:14, YUG won the game.

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