Opening Ceremony Message by Mr.Toyoda

It is a great honor for us to witness the opening of the 18th Universiade 1995 Fukuka,with the attendance of Their Imperial Highnesses,the Crown Pince and Princess of Japan. I am also pleased to welcome His Excellency,Dr.Primo Nebiolo,President of the International Universiade Sports Federation,and His Excellency,Mr.Juan Antonio Samaranch,President of the International Olympic Committee,as well as other distinguished guests who have gathered here from overseas and from various parts of Japan. Finally, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all of the athletes and officials who represent countries across the globe. The Universiade 1995 Fukuoka, the largest ever in Universiade history, is now opening in Fukuoka. I would like to extend my sincere grantityde to the many people who have helpedand supported these Fukuoka Games from the very early planning stages to today's opening ceremony. At this moment, youth from around the world have gathered here to participate in this sports festival which crosses cultural, ethnic and religious boundaries.Might I add that this multi-national gathering of youth, the leaders of future generations is quite timely, as this year marks the 50th anniversary of the endof the Second World War. It is my sincere hope that we can all deepen our understanding of other countries and cultures and create new and lasting freindship, thereby validating the slogan "One World Through University Sports." I also look forward to seeing the athletes challenge their limits and exhibit to us all bravery, wisdom and enthusiasm-indispensable factors for leaders of a new generation. Surely we can all expect an exciting display of talent and sportsmanship. I would like to conclude my speech with a wish: I wish that these Fukuoka Games will greatly contribute to peace, goodwill and friendship as we head toward the 21st century. Now, I would like to ask His Excellency, Dr.Primo Nebiolo, President of FISU to say a few words.