Aug 24 Judo (Men's -95kg, +95kg, Women's -72kg, +72kg )

Aug 24 Judo (Men's -95kg, -95kg ),(Women's -72kg, +72kg)

Fukuoka Kokusai Center

Men's +95kg, 3rd round Japan vs Korea

MAKISHI Yoshiharu was a little bit on the defensive during the first half of the bout, but in the second half, he came back strongly and admirably won the IPPON by KUZURESHIHOUGATAME.(Japan : MAKISHI Yoshiharu, Korea : KIM Young hoon)

Men's +95kg the finals Japan vs Yugoslavia

A little over 1 minute into the bout, MAKISHI took YUKO by HARAIGOSHI. He dominated the bout from beginning to end, a little over 3 minutes 50 seconds, he won the IPPON by a dynamic UCHIMATA.

The two contestants shaking hands with each other after the game. M(Japan:MAKISHI,Yoshiharu、Yugoslavia : MILINKOVIC,Mitar

h3>Men's - 95kg game for 3rd place Japan vs Czech Republic

KOZAI Takeshi lost YUKO to the opponent. But KOZAI・Takeshi finally won the the bout by YUSEIKACHI.

Men's -95kg finals Cuba vs Russia

After 31 seconds, Stepkine(RUS) won the IPPON by URANAGE. The bout ended too quickly for a picture to be taken.

(RUS: Stepkine vs CUB: Sanchez)

Women's -72kg the 3rd round Romania vs Japan

(ROM: RICHTER・Simona, Japan: YOSHIDA・Saki)

Women's +72kg Cuba vs Pougal

BELTRAN finally won the game by YUSEIKACHI.

(Cuba: BELTRAN・Guisado, Portugal: KOLODZIEJCZYK・Marta)

Women's -72kg finals Cuba vs Japan

1 min. 26 seconds into the bout, the T-shirt worn by the contestant from Cuba was tore off. After 2 min. 3 seconds Yoshida takes YUKO by TAIOTOSHI. Although LUNA attacked boldly after this, YOSHIDA won the game by YUSEIKACHI.

(Cuba: LUNA・Castellanos, Japan: YOSHIDA Saki)

HU Haifang(China) waiting for the bout to determine third place in the Women's +72kg category

entrance of the players of Women's +72kg

Episode --- in Fukuoka Kokusai Center

Shopping scene

Spectators watching game

Interviewing schoolchildren

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