Women's Gymnastics Artistic

Results from Marine Mess of Women's Gymnastics Artistic

Group A

CHN (China) HUN (Hungary) BLR (Belarus) Mixed Team (Germany and Albania)

Group A : Position and Points

1st CHN(China) 113.575 2nd HUN(Hungary) 109.875

Group B

CZE(Czech Republic) RUS(Russia) Mixed Team 1 : SLO(Slovania and Great Britain) Mixed Team 2 : MEX(Mexico), NED(Netherland) and SVK(Slovakia)

Group B : Position and Points

1st RUS(Russia) 114.925 2nd CHN(China) 113.575 3rd CZE(Czech Republic) 110.325 4th HUN(Hungary) 109.850 5th Mixed Team 1 106.325

Group C

USA(United States of America) JPN(Japan) UKR(Ukraine) KOR(Korea)

Group C : Position and Points

1st  RUS(Russia) 114.925 2nd USA(United States of America) 113.925 3rd CHN(China) 113.575 4th UKR(Ukraine) 113.425 5th JPN(Japan) 112.500 6th CZE(Czech Republic) 110.325 7th HUN(Hungary) 109.850 8th KOR(Korea) 109.650

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