August 24 (Thu) Men's Team Comprehensive Gymnastics

Aug. 24 (Thu) Men's Team Comprehensive Gymnastics

(Marine Mess)

Group B

SWE No. 187 performs quite well on the floor event but leaves something to be desired in the finish.

FIN No. 131 performs well on the horizontal bar and gets 9.350.

TPE players do not appear to be getting along well with the pommel horse.

There are a lot of kindergarden children here to watch the games and they are lively. We wonder how they can tell good perfromances from bad ones when we adults have trouble doing so.

Kindergarden children cheer players waving flags of different nations they made themselves. They really look cute.

The athletes' section is cordoned off but children get free pass and are askingplayers for their autograph.

Because the spectators stands and the performance area are closer than we thought, we get more enthusiastic about the performance.

About 1:50 pm, junior high school pupils come to see the game but the programsfor Group B come to end at 2:00. Too bad.Poor pupils have very little to see andstart moving to the International Center to see judo. We feel sorry for them.

During the open time (3 hours) before Group C start, male students from Fukuoka University put on demonstrations on new gymnastics.
It appears that men's new gymnastics are perfomred only in Japan. So they put ona fine demonstration in the hope men's new gymnastics will be taken up worldover.

About 3 o'clock, Mr. Samaranch,President of the IOC, makes his appearance. At this time, the studetns are doing warm-up and the Chairman asks them through his interpreter "to begin from the very beginning in their performance."

At 4 pm, the performance of new gymnatics starts, begining with individual performance of clubs. Men's clubs, we are told, are larger than women's. Gracefulness of women's new gymnastics is appealing but powerful and dynamic men's new gymnastics are superb also.

Next is the stick. Abut 50 centimeters long? From a distance, the stick looks like the baton used in the baton twirling. The student doing the stick performance is third in standing in the national students championship.

Double rings. We learn that they are quite heavy. He throws up the rings and lets his feet go in and out of the rings in air during jumps. Wonderful performance! The performer's name is Noguchi. He is the champion in the national students championship. He puts on performance to X's music. He handles the rope super.

After the individual performances comes the team performace. Six men dance together and the performance is breathtking. They look so sharp and the timing is perfect. It gives you the impression of watching six men doing the floor performance simultaneously.

Although we are aware of men's new gymnastics, this is our first experience in witnessing. Contrary to our imagination of men dancing gracefully as women do, the dance was powerful and dynamic.

Group C

At 5 pm, Group C enters at last. The player getting the attention is after all Scherbo from Belarus who won six gold medals in the Barcelona Olympic Games. We expect a lot of him.

On the whole, Group C is on a higher level in performance than Group B.

As to Group C, we focus on the players from Belarus around Scherbo.

BLR perform in the order of parallel bars, horizontal bar, floor, pommel horse,rings, and vaulting horse.

Parallel bars: KAN Andrei gets a score of 9.400 for a fair performance. CHOSTAK. V starts off well but falls off. He lets out "Ouch." His mark is 8.750. SCHERBO. V performs worthy of the six gold medals but he does not look satisfied. He still gets 9.550.

Horizontal bar: KAN. Andrei and CHOSTAK. V both get 9.250. SCHERBO. V appears satisfied. Our tension lessens The score is 9.550.

Floor: KAN. Andrei puts on a good performance but the landing at the end was not quite good and gets 8.900. CHOSTAK. V performs smoothly and gets 9.350. CHERBO. V does not improve in performance despite our expectation and gets 9.300.

Pommel horse: KAN. Andrei appears to excell in this event and gets 9.675, highest of all. CHOSTAK. V fouls up a little on the way and gets 9.050. SCHERBO. V apeears to be doing well but falls off and tries again. He gets 8.900.

Rings: KAN. Andrei gets 9.150. CHOSTAK. V does quite well and gets 9.400. SCHERBO V. gets a card showing "A" from the judges. He appears to be showing skills of difficult degrees but gets 8.550.He makes his appeals to the judges. His grips during the performance seems poor.

Vaulting horse: KAN Andrei and CHOSTAK.V both get 9.150. SCHERBO. V gets 9.500.

As expected, Belarus places first in Group C.

The press members move along with SCHEBO to another site, showing their interest in him.

Swiss DEGEM is so tall that his feet nearly touch the floor. So, a thinner mat is brought in.

Officials use poles to stop the rocking rings after performance. Not knowing, we find it quite smart.

Female interpreters.

Group D

In Group D, the Japanese team makes their first appearance. Many young ladies gathered at entrance.

Cheering party for the USA team.

The noteworthy Japanese atheletes are TANAKA and HATAKEDA.

In the floor exercises, the first Japanese team member to perform is HATAKEDA, he received 8.500 points.
TANAKA scored 9.400 points. Jump!TANAKA, Landing!TANAKA
On the vault, HATAKEDA scored 9.625 points and TANAKA received 9.600 points. MASUDA scored 9.200 points, and SUZUKI 8.900 points.

THORNTON(USA) performing on the hanging bar

CHRISTIE.J(USA) going through floor exercises

LORIK.A(HUN) performing on the hanging bar

WILEY.Keith(USA) vaulting

THORNTON(USA) performing floor exercises

VASSILENKO.D(RUS) on the rings

CHRISTIE.J(USA) displaying on the pommel horse

CHABAEY.E(RUS) on his way to a landing!

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