Closing Ceremony Speech

Message from Mr.Toyoda,President of Organizing Committee for the Universiade 1995 Fukuoka for the Closing Ceremony

With the attendance of His Imperial Highness,the Crown Prince of Japan and Her Imperial Highness,the Crown Princess of Japan,we have now reached the closing Ceremony of the Universiade 1995 Fukuoka.

More than 6,000 athletes and officials from 162 nations participated in the Games,which were held from August 23 until today. The Fukuoka Games were the largest ever in Universiade history.

I am very pleased to see that numerous frindships between athletes,volunteers and citizens sprang from these Games.I am sure that these freindships are a sign of world peace and friendship which validates our slogan, 'One World Through University Sports.'

I sincerely hope that these newly created friendships will grow and that many of you will be able to reunite in Sicily two years from now.

His Excellency,Dr.Primo Nebiolo,President of the International University Sports Federation,athletes and officials from around the world,sports federation members, and citizens of Fukuoka,I thank you very much.

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