Closing Ceremony Speech

Speech by the FISU President,Dr.Primo Nebiolo

Your Imperial Highnesses Ladies and Gentiemen,

The sad moment has come to say farewell to this Universiade in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka - and all of Japan - can be proud of the great success of these University Games. To all those who have contributed to this success - to the organisers, to the officials,to the team leaders,to the volunteers and especially to the atheletes from around the world - we say THANK YOU.

We are also grateful to the eminent leaders of this City,the Japanese University Sport Board and this country whose support has made these Games possible.In particular we wish to acknowledge the promiment support of Their Imperial Highnesses,the Crown Prince and Princess of Japan,who decision to honour these Games with their presence has lent prestige and significance to the efforts of the young athletes competing here.

Above all we wish to thank and to congratulate the young student athletes whose performances here have Inspired and moved us all.We have followed you through victory and through defeat and we hope that you will remember your experience here at the Universiade for the rest of your lives.Thanks to the excellent conditions provided by the organisers,you have truly been able to go beyond the boundaries of race,religion and colour and compete in friendship and peace.

We now ask that you take with you this profound lesson of harmony and understanding and share this message of hope with the people of your countride, now and in the future.

Finally,I wish to thank all the spectators who have attended these Games in Fukuoka. Your warm welcome and affectionate support to all these young students has been your greatest contribution to their success and to the success of these Games.

It is now my sad obligation, of behalf of the world University Sports Movement, to declare officially closed the 1995 Universiade in Fukuoka.

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