Cheering Messages to New Zealand

Messages from Internet Users
Date: Jun 13 11:24 JST From: youichiro matsuo
I hope to good game and many winner ! Good luck New Zealand.
Date: Jun 25 21:16 JST From: Daisuke Watanabe
Give it heaps Liam, will be watching for news on the Net, Love Kath.
Date: Aug 21 07:18 JST From: Kathryn Whaley
Good luck for Tuesday,Give it death (and a little bit more!!)
Date: Aug 21 07:48 JST From: Janette Wise
Volleyball-Short Simon:YO'! GO FOR IT!
Date: Aug 24 15:54 JST From: Bruce Haendel
Liam, everyone here says hi. Relax and have fun. See you soon, love Kath.
Date: Aug 30 06:03 JST From: Kathryn and Patrick Whaley
Good Luck guys and girls!!
Date: Aug 30 16:45 JST From: Matthew Birch (Uni Student in Fukuoka)

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