Cheering Messages to France

Messages from Internet Users
Bonjour! Comment allez vous? Je suis etudiante a universite de fukuoka. Revoir.
Date: Jun 19 16:58 JST From: Makiko Kawashita
no more Hiroshima
Date: Aug 25 16:36 JST From: green pit
Vive le roi !
Date: Aug 28 17:38 JST From: Montjoie Saint Denis
Je vous souhaite un bon sejour au Japon!
Date: Aug 30 23:53 JST From: Sanae IWATA etudiante d'Osaka
Date: Aug 31 11:50 JST From: DUTCH WATERPOLO TEAM
no more Nagasaki!
Date: Aug 31 12:59 JST From: I like Frence. But ......

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