Cheering Messages to Bangladesh

Messages from Internet Users
I visited your country, Bangladsh, to see IPSA last june. I enjoyed your country
Date: Jun 30 23:15 JST From: Hisashi Yahata
I enjoyed your country last June. Please do enjoy life in Fukuoka
Date: Jun 30 23:18 JST From: Hisashi Yahata
I want your translater Akiko to help your runnings.
Date: Aug 22 17:25 JST From: Murakami Takehide
I love you, I hope your great successs!
Date: Aug 24 10:39 JST From: Your sister friend, Miki Kurishima
I want your translator akiko to get friends with better english.
Date: Aug 29 19:58 JST From: Jeff "Henna Gaijin"
Toubun eigo wa yame! Motto benkyou sitekara.
Date: Aug 30 11:12 JST From: Murakami Takehide
Hayaku kaette kitekudasai.
Date: Aug 30 11:13 JST From: Murakami Takehide
mousukosi mattetekudasai e-mail yomimasita arigatou. demo futatusika nakattayo.
Date: Aug 30 14:06 JST From: aki
Gomen nasai to murakami takehide. I notice he has stopped writing in English.
Date: Aug 31 10:43 JST From: Henna Gaijin
cyousiga waridesu. tegamitodokimasita.
Date: Aug 31 12:39 JST From: aki
To Jeff. I have to pick our team manager up at Hakata station at 9 pm.
Date: Aug 31 12:43 JST From: akiko
so I have to cancel today's appointment . sorry.
Date: Aug 31 12:45 JST From: akiko
I miss you.
Date: Sep 2 08:56 JST From: a
asita kaerimasu. denwadekinakute gomen.
Date: Sep 3 14:33 JST From: a k i
ima 3ji desu. mosuguaeruhazu.Hayaku!
Date: Sep 4 15:48 JST From: Murakami Takehide

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