Cheering Messages to Australia

Messages from Internet Users
Date: Jun 23 14:18 JST From: Yamane
Date: Jun 26 13:08 JST From: Keiichi Hirata
I like your beautiful country.Do your best.
Date: Jul 21 19:44 JST From: Ryoji Asagumo
Good day, mate! Do your best!! I love Australia!
Date: Aug 1 13:38 JST From: Tomoko Hiwaki
Date: Aug 3 13:40 JST From: YASUYO
Fight!!! Hold out!!!!!!
Date: Aug 5 14:12 JST From: Hisayo ohsako/
There have been 2 sausage sizzles since you left!
Date: Aug 18 16:50 JST From: Karina
May the Force be with you.
Date: Aug 21 09:08 JST From: Sarah and Janet - AUSF
G^day Bruce and Sheila Put another shrimp on the barbee
Date: Aug 21 15:55 JST From: A pom
G^day Bruce and Sheila Put another shrimp on the barbee
Date: Aug 21 15:55 JST From: A pom
To Ben Murray: Good luck Ben
Date: Aug 22 08:12 JST From: James Mason (Churchie)
To Chad and the Judo team, GOOD LUCK !! I wish I could be there.
Date: Aug 22 15:06 JST From: Martin Kelly
To Dave Carter, good luck in Japan.
Date: Aug 23 05:40 JST From: From Jeff,Dean,Glen,Bohly,Matty,Wally.
Have a good one Ben Murray!
Date: Aug 23 12:07 JST From: Nick Burmester
Dear Chad, GOOD LUCK!
Date: Aug 23 17:59 JST From: Ella and Gretta (four leaf clover)
EVELYN, Fence well and have fun!!
Date: Aug 24 04:14 JST From: some canuck
Come on Aussie, come On. Good luck Richard Beck with your tennis game :-)
Date: Aug 24 07:45 JST From: Melissa Dowling and Tim Sercombe
Run Wallaby Run !!
Date: Aug 24 14:40 JST From: Kozzy
you will win, everson!!!!!
Date: Aug 25 23:12 JST From: from press center, maki
you will win, everson!!!!!
Date: Aug 25 23:13 JST From: from press center, maki
Date: Aug 26 16:05 JST From: N.
Richard, what did the farmer say when he saw his cow on the roof?
Date: Aug 26 16:08 JST From: :-)
Go Australia!
Date: Aug 28 12:23 JST From: Stringbeans
Good luck Dion & Jo
Date: Aug 28 12:32 JST From: Denis, Marg & gang
CONGRATULATIONS EVELYN!! Looks like epee suits you better.
Date: Aug 30 11:29 JST From: DN
Dion and Jo Kick some internatinal butt! And don't forget to try 'yakiniku'!.
Date: Aug 31 12:07 JST From: Lots of love, Beqxxxxxoooxxx
Dion and Jo - Good luck, and write soon!
Date: Aug 31 12:08 JST From: Beqxxx
Fight! Fight! I don't lile nuclea!
Date: Aug 31 12:57 JST From: HIRAI
Go hard, Dick
Date: Sep 3 07:28 JST From: Rod and Anna

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