The fastest way to get around the city as well as to
visit many of the tourist attractions is by the modern
and clean subway.The subway system has two lines covering
a total of 14.5km(9 miles).The Kuko Line links Fukuoka
Airport with Meinohama via Hakata Station.The recent extension
of this line to the airport made Fukuoka Airport the only 
airport in Japan served by a subway line,and allows passengers
to travel from the airport to downtown in less than fifteen 
from the airport to downtown in less than fifteen minutes.
The second and shorter Hakozaki Line links Nakasu Kawabata
with Kaizuka.
   Trains operate from approximately 6:00A.M. to midnight and 
come at intervals ranging from five to eight minutes.English 
station and exit signs and an English announcement on the
subway make it simple to use by the foreign visitor.

Click here for Price Map of Fukuoka City Subway.
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