Medical Services

 Fukuoka City has an extensive choice of public and 
private hospitals,and medical centers, many of which 
have doctors with foreign language abilities. The new 
200 bed Fukuoka City Hospital offers the mist modern 
medical treatment available, and the Children's Hospital 
is the only hospital in western Japan dedicated to 
providing specialized medical treatment for children. 
 The Center for Infections Disease specializes in the 
treatment if both contagious and communicable diseases. 
 In addition to these facilities, the city also operated six
emergency medical facilities located throughout the city.

 Fukuoka International Association "Rainbow Plaza" 
publishes a Guide to Medical Institutions where 
Foreign Language are Spoken for those seeking a doctor 
or medical institution with a particular specialty and
language ability. Rainbow Plaza also offers emergency 
interpreting service by telephones between the hours of 
10:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. daily by calling 733-2220

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