Population:43,700,000 Capital: yangon Area: 678,033 sq kilometers Language: Tribal language Currency: kyat Participants:athlete(m)2,staff(m)1

Between China and India above Thailand.
Mineral and Stone.
Main food
Traditional Musical Instrument
Harp,Zylophone,Oil,Trumpet,Myanmar's drum,...
About 100 tribes.
Custom & habit
Every morning,we donate rice,fruits and other foods to our god and morks as our first meal of the day.Every night,we have to pray and wish to our god and to say good night,thanks,respect to our parents.As our traditional custom,the boy before he become adolescence,must go to monestry and obey the religions discipline of god and monks.
New year
The middle of April.
33 consonants.
Summer : February to May.
Rainy : June to September.
Winter : October to January.
We have one traditional festival in each month.Among these festival through out the year,the water festival is the most famous.Our traditional and religioins kelieve for this water festival is to take off the bad fate and thing before entering the comming new year.
Intersting place for tourist
Yangon,Mandalay,Pagan,Inlay lake,Poppa hill.
Shawedagon,Pagoda,Sule Pagoda,Kobaaye Pagoda,Kalawait,etc...
Mandaly hill,Shawe NanDaw palace,Mahamuri pagoda,etc...
Anada tenple,Shaweirgyi Pagoda,Mingaba village(very famous traditional ligouor ware procedure in Mingaba township.)etc...
Inlay lake
They use this lake as their town.All of the plants and vegetables are wltivated over the lake water.They use leg for paddling of the boot.
Poppa hill
There are mony pagoda and tenples above the hill.
Traditional food
Monhinga.It looks like soomen(noddle)with soup.Soup contains rice powder(soft banana stem),fish,onion,paste,garlic ginger,chili peper and salt.
Essential food for our daily meal
Paste called "GAPI" consist of fermented fisher,prawns and solt. It's very delicious but with strong smell.
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